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This Week in DLINQ: Feb 12-16, 2018
Digital Detox by the Numbers Last week we sent out the final installment of our “digital detox” bi-weekly newsletter featuring
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MiddCreate Spotlight: Briana Garrett
Welcome back to MiddCreate Spotlight, a new blog series hosted by the Office of Digital Learning. In this series, we will
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Exploring mis/disinformation on Pinterest
I am going to walk you through a little exercise to show how quickly mis/disinformation gets spread on the social
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Students and critical instructional design
Being someone interested in exploring the potential of technology and digital tools to create positive change in the world, I
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Critical Thinking in Language Teaching: A Rumination
Having spent a series of jam-packed days last week at Music City Center in Nashville at the annual convention of
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Attending to the information environment of the web: A call to action at Middlebury
Imagine this scenario: A toxic sludge has infiltrated Otter Creek, the river that runs through the heart of the town
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MiddCreate Spotlight: Seo-Young Jun
MiddCreate is an initiative at Middlebury that offers faculty, staff, and students their own subdomain spaces and easy installation of  open-source
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Deleting tweets (non-techie starts her personal information environmentalism journey–with lots of help)
Confession: I’m not a coder. I haven’t coded since grad school, when I learned how to write basic HTML so
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Pedagogical Implications of Modeling for Beginners
Learning is optimal for most human beings when they are given just enough structure to feel safe and just enough
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Design and the beauty of palimpsests
Design matters in education. Instructional design–the design of learning experiences–matters. “Design matters because it is an intrinsically humanist discipline, tethered
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Plurilingualism and the Digital
The unconscious bias toward the monolingual and against the plurilingual is very much present in the digital realm. It has
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Notes from the Road: Digital Pedagogy Lab 2017
This week, I have the decided honor of attending, along with my colleagues Amy Collier and Sean Michael Morris from
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