Technology & Learning Spaces

This DLINQ team leads the design and deployment of learning spaces and infrastructures (e.g., tools, systems, etc.) for teaching and research, based on a foundation of pedagogical research and practice. We are responsible for envisioning new or better ways to support strategic initiatives through learning spaces and through the effective deployment of digital/technological infrastructures. In addition, we work with digital scholarship organizations to ensure that the research/digital scholarship infrastructure is robust, nimble, equitably distributed, well communicated, and well supported as new faculty scholarship emerges. This group is led by a director, who partners closely with ITS, academic programs, research organizations (e.g., MiddData, META Lab), the Library, CTLR, and other groups within the DLINQ organization, to ensure that the learning infrastructures and spaces–and the support available for them–is robust. Our support areas include:

Academic Software Evaluation and Strategy

We partner with Information Technology Services (ITS) to analyze existing academic software and hardware resources, evaluate incoming requests for academic hardware and software from Middlebury faculty and students, and make decisions about those technologies with the framework of an academic software strategy that is aligned with our values. Our decisions also take into consideration the financial and human resource capacities available at Middlebury. The ASES group meets monthly and consults with a broader group of stakeholders quarterly.

Do you have a request for new academic hardware or software? Submit your request to the ASES team via this form.

Classroom Design & Technology

We partner with ITS and Facilities to guide faculty and administrators through the process of designing classrooms, and choosing technology and furniture that supports teaching practices. If you are looking to facilitate a creative learning experience or solve a logistical issue with new technology within a Middlebury classroom, please contact us.

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