Course Rubric: Tools & Tech2021-06-24T11:02:44-04:00
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Tools & Tech Checklist

  • Communicate tech requirements for accessing and participating in the course (Internet access/speed, mobile, publisher websites, secure content, pop-ups, browser issue, microphone, webcam). SAMPLE

  • Scaffold technical skills required for participation in course learning activities (orientation, practice, and application – where appropriate).

  • Include frequently used technology tools in the course menu. Remove any tools not being utilized from the course menu.

  • Provide privacy policy information for course technologies, including links to relevant privacy policies, suggestions for protecting your privacy, and options for opting in (or out) of using particular tools. SAMPLE

  • Ensure that all technology tools meet accessibility/ADA standards (Middlebury-provided tools meet standards; if using tools that are not supported by Middlebury, consult with DLINQ about their accessibility status.

  • Ensure students have access to all the required technology and use Open Educational Resources (OER) as often as possible.


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