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Seeking more information about digital teaching and learning tools and platforms available to faculty, students, and staff of Middlebury, across campuses? You’ve come to the right page! Resources are added here as they become available. For information about additional software available at Middlebury, including Adobe Creative Suite and Office 365, check out the Middlebury ITS Software page.



Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system, and is used widely by faculty and students. Faculty who choose to use the platform can provision Canvas sites via Course [...]


Canvas Integrations (LTIs)

Canvas integrations (LTIs) are a series of apps that can be used from within Canvas to extend the built-in features of Canvas. Below, find information and instructions for using some of [...]


Course Hub

Course Hub is the starting point for accessing official course information and for provisioning digital resources for classes. Access course descriptions, schedules, and rosters, and also provision digital resources like course [...]


Google Apps for EDU

Middlebury Google Apps is a suite of web-based Google services such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. All Middlebury faculty, staff and students have access to Google Apps for EDU. [...]



GoReact is an interactive cloud-based platform for feedback, grading, and critiquing of student video assignments. Instructors create the video assignments. Students upload or record their video submissions. Instructors and/or peers then leave [...]


LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) is an incredible video-based online resource for learning software or building your creative and business skills, available for free to academic year faculty, [...]


Microsoft Immersive Reader

The Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool built into Word, OneNote, Outlook, Office Lens, Microsoft Teams, Forms, Flipgrid, Minecraft Education Edition, and the Edge browser. It offers an alternative way [...]



With MiddCreate, faculty, staff, and students can create online websites and spaces for writing, self-expression, professional, academic, or creative portfolios, and more. MiddCreate is Middlebury’s open web design project, based on the Domain of [...]



Panopto is a video and audio storage service that allows you to upload, edit, store and share video and audio files with varying levels of privacy settings. Panopto can also be [...]


Poll Everywhere

With Poll Everywhere, a classroom response system, faculty can promote engagement and interactivity in their classes. […]



SensusAccess allows anyone at Middlebury to translate files into other more useful types of media. You can turn text into audio books for your commute. You can translate files so they [...]



UDOIT - or the Universal Design Online Content Inspection Tool - is a tool available in all Canvas courses that scans your course and flags any accessibility issues, and provides information [...]



Zoom is Middlebury’s videoconferencing tool. It allows you to schedule and record online meetings or invite remote guest speakers to your class or event. […]


Below is a searchable, sortable list of tech resources and guides available to faculty, students, and staff at Middlebury. You can sort by the different columns or enter a keyword in the search box to filter to specific topics.

Title ToolsKeywordsAudience
Visual Guide to Getting started with Wordpress on MiddCreateWordpress, MiddCreateDomain of One's Own, MiddCreate, Wordpress, Website, Portfoliostudents, staff, faculty
Creating Posters with Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator, Excel, DeltaGraph, ChemDrawGraphic Design, Layout, Presentation, Posters, Printingstudents, staff, faculty
Poster Printing (Vermont)Plotter PrintersDavis Library, Armstrong Library, Posters, Printing, Vermont, Presentation, Graphic Designstudents, staff, faculty
Finding PhotosCreative Commons, Unsplash, Pixabay , Wikimedia Commons, FlickrPhotos, Stock Photos, Presentation, Graphic Designstudents, staff, faculty
Canvas Learning Management SystemCanvas Commons, Course Hub, Canvas App, Canvas, Templates, Examples, Guide, Videos, Webinarsfaculty
MiddCreate Course SitesWordPress, Known, Dokuwiki, and OmekaDomain of One's Own, Choosing Digital Toolsfaculty
Google Drive, CanvasGoogle Drive, Canvas, Guidefaculty
Enable Office 365/Canvas IntegrationOffice 365, CanvasOffice 365, Canvas, Guidefaculty
Canvas, Course Hub IT Help Desk ticket, Directed study, Student Clubs, Working groups, Communities of Practicefaculty
PanoptoRecording, Course Mediafaculty
Canvas Commons Canvas CommonsResource Sharing, Copy-right Policy, Intellectual Propertyfaculty
WordPress WordPress WordPress, MiddCreate, Sites DOT, Website Creationstudents, staff, faculty
Tools to Create a Program Logic ModelMiddCreate, Logic Model students, staff, faculty
MiddCreate, Easy!Appointments,, Applications, Website Designstudents, staff, faculty
Camtasia BasicsCamtasiaAudio Recording, Podcastsstudents, staff, faculty
Creaing a Website or E-PortfolioMiddCreate, Sites DOT, Word Press, Square Space, Wix, Weebly, LyndaE-Portfolio, Webistestudents, staff, faculty
WordPress Privacy SettingsWordPress, MiddCreate, Sites DOTPublic, Protected, Private, Visibility, Hack Education, Reverse Search, FERPAstudents, staff, faculty
MiddCreate Domains MiddCreate Domain of One's Own, Domain name, websitestudents, staff, faculty
Setting up your new WordPress siteWordPress, MiddCreate, Sites DOTGuide, websitestudents, staff, faculty
WordPress, MiddCreate, Sites DOTGuide, Guest account, website, Exporting/Importingstudents
WordPress, MiddCreate, Sites DOTWorksheet, Transcription, Mobile App, Securitystudents, staff, faculty
Tips on Using iMovieiMovieMovies, photos, Import, Exportstudents, staff, faculty
Upload to YouTubeYouTubeYouTube students, staff, faculty
Recording ResourcesPanopto, Zoom, Camtasia, Quicktime, Skype, & (Keynote, Movenote, iMovie, Doceri, Explain Everything, Screen Chomp, Jing, Capture Fox, Movenote, BB flashback express, CamStudio, Webinaria, Powerpoint)Recording, Productionstudents, staff, faculty
Video Production Guidelines Creative Commons, UnsplashPlanning, Production, Camera People, Cameras, Audio, Interviews, Lighting, Copyright, Post-Production, Media Servicesstudents, staff, faculty
Handbrake (Extracign DVD clips)HandbrakeRipping, DVD, legalitystudents, staff, faculty
Importing Media from a Digital CamcorderCanon XA10 camcorder, imovieImporting students, staff, faculty
Getting Started with Adobe PremierAdobe PremierImporting, Editing students, staff, faculty
Record and edit audio with AudacityAudacityRecording, Editing, Audio, Podcastsstudents, staff, faculty
Building your Web PresenceGoogle+, LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.Content Marketing, Blogging students, staff, faculty
Tips for Stronger Personal Website SecurityMiddCreate, WordPress, Backup Wizard, Roboform, KeePass, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, WorldFence, DokuWikiContent Management, Safety, Surveillance, Access, Permissions, Plugins, Backups, Loginstudents, staff, faculty
Digital Tools GuideAll DCL available toolsTools installed on DLC and Media Lab computers to create, express, understand, analyze, network, and recall informationstudents, staff, faculty
Digital Self-ProtectionDuck Duck Go, Tor, Witopia, VPN, Digital autonomy, Feminist Cybersecurity, Resources, Data Encryption, Ad-blockingstudents, staff, faculty
Panopto, Canvas, Zoom, PowerPoint, Prezi, Skype, Keynote, Skype, Google Hangouts, Screenflow, iPad Capture KitRemote Learning, Continuity, Social Learning, The Attention Economy, Community Agreementsfaculty
Media Production ToolsMedia Production ToolsProject management, podcasts, MiddCreate, websites, videostudents, staff, faculty
ThingLinkThingLinkVirtual, Remote Learning, Language Learning, Augmented Reality, 360 Photos and Video, Continuity, Social Learning, The Attention Economy, Marketing, Trainingstudents, staff, faculty
ZoomZoomstudents, staff, faculty
PanoptoPanoptostudents, staff, faculty
Google Apps for EduGoolglestudents, staff, faculty
Coures HubCourse Hubstudents, staff, faculty
CanvasCanvasstudents, staff, faculty
Sites DOT—Middlebury WordPress

Sites DOTstudents, staff, faculty
LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)

LinkedInstudents, staff, faculty
MiddCreatestudents, staff, faculty
Poll Everywhere – Classroom polling
Poll Everywherestudents, staff, faculty
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