Welcome Summer 2018 DLINQ Interns

Summer is quickly approaching and the Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry is thrilled to have a number of student interns working on various projects throughout the next few months. This week will feature Olivia Jin, a Digital Media Tutor.



Olivia Jin Olivia is an Economics major at Middlebury College, and she started her work as a Digital Media Tutor during the summer of 2018. She is also a transfer student from University of Michigan, and she joined the Middlebury community as a sophomore in Fall 2017. Outside academics, she is a big lover of visual arts and she loves experimenting with Photoshop. By working in the media lab, she hopes to improve her Photoshop skills and explore other programs, such as Illustrator and InDesign. She also loves solving problems, so if you ever encounter any problems, she would be more than happy to help!

Learn more about Olivia and the work she’ll be doing this summer here »


Canvas Commons is Now Available

Written by Amy Slay

The Canvas Commons is now available for faculty to use. Commons streamlines sharing and replicating learning activities through Canvas. With Commons, you can share the resources you create in Canvas with other Middlebury faculty. When you share a resource to the Commons, no student data will be included. Your colleagues can then download that content and use it in their own Canvas sites. You can share different levels of resources to the Commons, including:

  • a cool homepage you designed
  • an assignment with specific settings your colleagues might want to replicate
  • your entire course

Please note that the point of the Commons is sharing resources with other faculty. This is not the same thing as copying your old content for reuse in a course you are teaching. If you have content in a site from a previous term that you would like to use again, please refer to the “Copy Content from One Canvas Site to Another” section of this Canvas @ Middlebury resource.

If you don’t want to to design your Canvas site from scratch, a number of templates are available to you via the Commons. To learn more about the Canvas Commons, see this resource.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at dlinq@middlebury.edu.

Curricular Tech for Summer Language Faculty

Written by Amy Slay

DLINQ is excited to support summer language faculty across several campuses in their exploration of digital tools for teaching and learning. To this end, we have created a self-paced online training. This resource, which can be reviewed any time before or after arrival on campus, centralizes the information you need to make use of curricular technology at Middlebury.

In the event that faculty need additional support after having completed the online training, we have scheduled some on-ground and online sessions to help faculty (at the College, the Institute, and Mills) with any lingering questions. These sessions start this week! Check out the session breakdown and schedule here.

Session Tips

  • You do not need to sign up to attend.
  • In cases where the same type of session is offered at multiple times, please note that these sessions are not cumulative and you can attend them interchangeably.
  • New to Zoom web-conferencing? Make the most of online sessions by checking out this resource on Zoom @ Middlebury before attending.

Questions? Reach out to us at dlinq@middlebury.edu

Dig Deeper:

“When a poet digs himself into a hole, he doesn’t climb out. He digs deeper, enjoys the scenery, and comes out the other side enlightened.”
– Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Featured Image by Jacob Repko on Unsplash