WIIS up to data privacy & security!
CryptoParty at the Middlebury Institute, CA campus

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

12:15pm – 1:45 pm PST
Digital Learning Commons, McGowan 001
420 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA

In 2019-2020, DLINQ is working with Middlebury and community partners like the Institute’s chapter of Women in International Security (WIIS) to offer CryptoParties that help members of our communities take more control over their data and privacy.

Cool! So, what’s a cryptoparty?

The CryptoParty movement is a “global and decentralized grass-roots movement to help everyday people learn how to improve their internet security with open source tools.” With the increasing complexity of our digital environments and networks, we believe it is important for people working in and across international contexts to protect themselves from the increased threats of surveillance and harassment. DLINQ & WIIS’s CryptoParty aims to explore these threats through discussion and help protect people who are or who are planning to be on the front lines of international security and development initiatives, as well as those who may work with and support marginalized communities.

During the learning session we will provide recommendations for tools and practices to get started with personal crypto protection and facilitate hands-on activities that will help participants:

  • examine their relationship to crypto through personal threat modeling
  • learn how to use privacy oriented communication tools, and
  • protect information on phones and computers from data surveillance or theft
  • and much more!

The Digital Learning Commons Design Space is equipped with computers, but to make the most of the session participants should bring their smart phone and/or laptop (or whatever other devices they use to connect to the internet) to start building their digital security toolkit.

Interested in a custom CryptoParty for your community group? Connect with us at dlinq @ middlebury.edu