by Vera Rousseff, DLINQ Intern

My personal inquiry, Language in the Digital Sphere, explores how language shapes our experience of the digital world. Like many other members of the Middlebury community, I operate in multiple languages on a daily basis and consider multilingualism an important part of my identity. However, I find it difficult to achieve that same freedom of expression on the internet. The online world is dominated by English and Chinese, which not only inhibits multilingual people from using the full range of their linguistic abilities, but also impedes equal access to information for those who speak less dominant languages. My inquiry consists of three components, all found within the WordPress site I created for the project. The first is research: a written report based on various articles and studies I consulted. The second component is stories, both my own personal experience as well as stories Middlebury community members shared with me through a survey I created. The final component is extra resources. This is a collection of posts with more information on the topic of language and the digital world, including articles, videos, and suggestions. I hope my inquiry will encourage members of the Middlebury community to think critically about how they use language online and how they might go about creating a more linguistically fluid digital space.

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Feature photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash.