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DD 5.5: Putting Envirotech into Practice

It’s easy to use the web without thinking about it […]

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Many of you may not make or contribute to websites. You can still do things that impact your digital energy usage.

  • Avoid sites that make your computer’s fan run or that quickly drain your phone battery. These are signs that the websites are inefficient.
  • Consider using “dark mode” on your phone or computer. It takes some getting used to but this results in energy savings on OLED screens.
  • Download data over wifi when possible. Wifi downloads use roughly two times less energy than cellular downloads.
  • Turn off unnecessary cloud storage.
  • Avoid streaming video if you aren’t watching it.

If you make websites or contribute to them, there are a number of ways you can improve the energy efficiency of sites.

  • Evaluate your image use. Do you really need that picture? Is it optimized for your particular use?
  • Make reflections on data size part of your authoring process and review your site efficiency regularly.
  • Keep things as simple as possible. While new technologies are tempting, keeping things simple and streamlined has all kinds of benefits.

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