Behind the Scenes with the Digital Media & Pedagogy team: Amy Slay

Each month, this series will feature an interview with a member of the Digital Pedagogy and Media team. Broadly, our team has expertise in instructional design and pedagogy, multimedia production, and animation and narrative storytelling. We all have interests and expertise that we bring to the team, including the use of digital tools for instructional…

Middlebury XR Expo

Friday, April 26, 2019 1:30 – 3pm Mahaney Arts Center Dance Theatre   Please join us on Friday, April 26th in the Dance Studio, MCA 110, at 1:30pm EST/ 10:30am PST, where we will explore the uses of virtual and augmented reality at Middlebury. At the Expo you will be able to interact with simulations, including blends…

OLC Innovate Conference Round Up

In early April, I attended the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate conference in Denver, CO. As a large, professional organization for online and digital learning in higher ed, the conference attracts instructional designers, administrators, and faculty who have some stake in digital, blended, and/or online learning. My overall general impression and experience was quite positive;…

Inclusive Design at DPL Toronto – a brief overview and reflection

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a 3-day course on Inclusive Design at the Digital Pedagogy Lab event in Toronto, ON. I’ve taught for Digital Pedagogy Lab for years, but this was my first experience teaching on the topic of Inclusive Design (and I’ve only recently begun to learn more about it). To say…

Made for Whom? Critically Examining the Design Logic of Everyday Objects

“Designing for inclusion starts with recognizing exclusion.” “Design shapes our ability to access, participate in, and contribute to the world.” (Kat Holmes, in Mismatch)   This exhibition invites students, faculty, and staff to critically engage with the design history of everyday objects from the perspective of inclusive design. Interact with a series of everyday objects,…

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close up pic of pendant lightbulbs and text with the event info
February 20, 2019 | Online & Hybrid Faculty Conversation Series: Innovation Design Clinic
About the Conversation Series The Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) is convening a year-long conversation series for faculty to explore and address pedagogical and technical issues related to 
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photo of a peephole on a gray door
Digital Detox 2.6: Deconstructing Privacy
Written by Amy Slay, DLINQ Instructional Designer Privacy: the state of being alone, or the right 
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photo of an arm holding a picture of a wifi signal in front of some trees
Digital Detox 2.5: Confronting the Invisible Digital Divide in Higher Ed
Written by Noraya Razzaque, DLINQ Graduate Assistant In higher education, the use of multimedia, technology tools, 
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extreme close up of a droplet of water and concentric circles
Digital Detox 2.4: Mindfulness & Radical Listening in Digital Spaces
Written by Bob Cole, Director of Exploratory Initiatives and Partnerships, and Dr. Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Director 
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photo looking down into a bright yellow spiral staircase
Digital Detox 2.3: Biased, who me?
Written by Shel Sax, DLINQ Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003), a distinguished politician and US Senator for 
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aerial photo of a city street with a red line painted down the middle, flanked by a building and a stand of trees
Digital Detox 2.2: Data and Digital Redlining
Written by Dr. Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning Have you ever heard of Facebook’s 
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the word hello spraypainted in bright orange on a sidewalk with a pair of black shoes standing next to it
Digital Detox 2.1: Who is welcome online?
Written by Dr. Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Director of Digital Pedagogy and Media, and Dr. Amy Collier, 
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SYNDICATED Small move #5: Student-centered course design using Canvas
In this series of blog posts I’m going to share some of the small moves that were discussed during the online session Student-Centered Course Design Using Canvas. If you were not able to participate in the session feel free to follow along here as I share some of the activities and design elements that you can
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trees shrouded in fog with text about event
Beyond Essentials: Digital Fluency & Critical Engagement through Information Environmentalism
The web is polluted. Every day we encounter mis/disinformation on social media, news sites, and other digital information spaces. Misinformation on the web is polarizing us, it’s radicalizing us (see 
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image with text about the event
Digital Detox: Who is Welcome Online?
Digital Detox is an initiative to reduce the toxicity of our personal digital environments and how we engage with them. While many lauded the Internet’s potential to be a democratizing 
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image with details about the radical listening event
Digital Detox: Mindfulness and Radical Listening in Digital Spaces
The Digital Detox is an initiative to reduce the toxicity of our personal digital environments and how we engage with them. Extending on this initiative, in this conversation, we’ll come 
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information about event with Robin DeRosa, text on a photo of a compass on a table
Teaching and Learning in the Open: A Conversation with Robin DeRosa
Do you assign – or are you thinking of assigning – student blogging, podcasting, or other web-based assignments? Are you interested in exploring the possibilities of building or using Open 
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