Ali Shuaib

Ali Shuaib

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Pronoun: They/He

Major: Computer ScienceĀ 

Expertise: Canva, Social media and python

Currently Exploring: adobe illustrator, photoshop and R programming language

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Lagos, Nigeria, Queens NYC

Why DLINQ: I learn more about myself everyday as I try to help others

Fun Fact: I read 120 books in 2021 (10 books in a month)

Ali is currently a sophomore majoring in computer science and possibly minoring in music. They came to the United States when he was 13 from Nigeria. They love to read a lot of fiction. Last year, they read about 120 books. They have a lot of interests like skateboarding, crochet, they write short stories and poems, collecting vinyls, analyzing music, playing the electric guitar and so many more. they are never bored. They always have something to do which is amazing. They hope to combine their interest with music and computer science in the future.