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Alivia Kliesen

Alivia Kliesen, Ilustrated Portrait

Alivia Kliesen

Alivia Kliesen

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Computer Science, May 2022

Expertise: Python, Java, iMovie, Memes, Notion

Currently Exploring: Animation

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Durham, North Carolina

Alivia Kliesen is a rising Junior at Middlebury College from Durham, North Carolina. She took her first computer science class last fall and immediately knew she wanted to continue studying it. DLINQ is the next way she is engaging with new digital tools, and lately that has meant learning 2D animation. She’s looking forward to spending more time collaborating with other DLINQ interns and continuing to support the Middlebury community’s digital needs. Outside of computer science, she plays ukulele, is learning Chinese, eats salt and vinegar chips, watches too much Netflix, and aspires to have a youtube career. 

Why DLINQ: As a computer science major, I’m really interested in the ways technology can be used for good in our lives. Through DLINQ I hope to learn about and promote digital tools, strategies, and ideas that empower people in education and their own personal projects.