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Gary Soza

Photo of Gary

Gary Soza

Gary Soza

DLINQ Intern, Graduate

Program: Translation and Localization Management

Expertise: Cybersecurity, Adobe Creative Cloud, design tools

Campus: Middlebury Institute for International Studies, Monterey

Feels Local: Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Tianjin, China

Gary Soza (he/him) grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended Florida State University for his undergraduate degree, majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures. After graduation, he had the opportunity to attend a graduate school in China, where he spent some time teaching English. He then transferred to MIIS and started in the Translation and Localization Management program, which he says has been an incredible learning experience. In his free time, Gary enjoys watching kdramas, reading webcomics, and collecting books (which he promises he will read when he has the time). He also loves spending time with his two cats and dog. Gary discovered the DLINQ intern opportunity while looking through Handshake, and felt that the mission of promoting digital fluency spoke to him. He is looking forward to expanding his own knowledge in the fields of cybersecurity and privacy, design, and teaching others about digital fluency.

Why DLINQ: Liked the emphasis on digital fluency and learning while also teaching others.