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Photograph of Issy Cochran.

Issy Cochran

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Issy Cochran

Issy Cochran

DLINQ Lead Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Computer Science & Biochemistry

Expertise: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Currently Exploring: App development

Campus: Middlebury College, Vermont

Feels Local: Shaker Hts, Ohio and Middlebury, Vermont

Issy (she/her) grew up in Shaker Hts, Ohio and is currently a rising Senior Feb at Middlebury College where she is double majoring in Computer Science and Biochemistry. She has learned many programming languages such as Java and Python while at Middlebury. She also learned web development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) through the Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization on during her semester off due to Covid-19. Since her second semester at Middlebury, Issy has been a tutor for Introduction to Computer Science and Computing for the Sciences. Helping people discover their passion for computer science and feeling confident in their abilities is what Issy loves most about tutoring. Issy is excited to use her computer science skills and learn new technical skills while working at DLINQ and is hoping to learn more languages that can help her improve the Middlebury College Mobile app.

Outside DLINQ, she likes exploring Vermont, spending time with her family and dogs, and eating Sabai Sabai.

Why DLINQ: As a computer science major, Issy wanted to be able to use her skill sets to help the Middlebury Community. She is excited to grow and learn new digital tools and practices through her work at DLINQ and to work with a group of Interns with diverse experiences and skills.