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Photograph of Jiachen Wang.

Jiachen Wang

Photo of Jiachen

Jiachen Wang

Jiachen Wang

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: English and American Literature (Creative Writing Track) & Film and Media Culture Joint Major

Expertise: Video Editing, Filmmaking

Currently Exploring: Digital Art

Campus: Middlebury, Vermont

Feels Local: Shenyang, Shanghai

Jiachen was born in Sendai. 77 days after he was born, her grandmother brought him back to Shenyang with a small cradle. He moved to Shanghai when he was in elementary school. He also spent three years in a high school in Maine .He likes the sound of rain falling on zinc roofs. His favorite musician is Bob Dylan. He enjoys writing, reading, watching films, playing guitar, running, swimming, etc. He is currently working on a short story collection.

Why DLINQ: Jiachen wants to be more literate and fluent in digital practices. He has learned a lot since he joined DLINQ.