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Jiaqi Li

Jiaqi Li

Jiaqi Li

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Computer Science & Geology Joint, May 2022

Expertise: Python (Pandas package), R, Java

Currently Exploring: Data Visualisation

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Hangzhou, China

Jiaqi, class of 2022, hails from Hangzhou, China and is a joint Geology and Computer Science major. She specializes in coding, and she’s extended this passion to this summer by focusing on python data visualization for a personal DLINQ project. Recently she’s been looking at mapping/graphing the spread of Covid-19 throughout the United States as a way to spread awareness about its impact and also practice her newfound data skills. 

She joined DLINQ because she wanted to be in a collaborative team and explore her interest in digital fluency, but her interests don’t just end in the digital world! Jiaqi also loves climbing and watching movies, and her favorite color is sky blue. She’s recently been watching Killing Eve (which she highly recommends!), and she’s excited to work alongside the other interns and DLINQ team members this summer. 

Why DLINQ: to be in a collaborative team and explore my interest in digital fluency.