Senior Curricular Innovation Strategist

Pronouns: He/him

Areas of Expertise: Extended Realities (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, others); Intra-media and Inter-media; Audio and Voice Technologies,;Distance Communication/Collaboration; Interdisciplinary Studies; Technology Evaluation; Instantiating, Transitioning, and Decommissioning Services; Digital Equity

Recent Projects:


DLINQ Interns. TechKitchen: Exploring and Making with Digital Tools and Equipment. 2022.

Antonioli, Joe, Jonathan Kemp, and Heather Stafford. Big Data: Canvassing Canvas Cryptoparty. April and June, 2021.

DLINQ and Library. De-FAANGing Facebook Cryptoparty. 2020.


“Voice Matters: Building Resonance In Education Using Stories About Identity And Belonging” (2019). Graduate College Dissertations and Theses. 1047.


Root7. Grooved Pavement. 2019

Root7. “Blown Away” (2017).

Root7. Exit 1. 2017.

About Joe: I think critically about the implementation of technology for academic work so that I can help others understand their relationship with technology, while encouraging them to discover and develop their own authentic voice. I devote a good portion of my personal time to participating in and developing the a cappella community, and take the opportunity to disconnect from digital tech while lending an extra set of hands to my family’s farm market and orchard.

Campus: Middlebury College, Vermont

Office Location: Davis Family Library 214