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Photograph of Mai Mai.

Mai Mai

Photo of Mai

Mai Mai

Mai Mai

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: French and Francophone Studies

Expertise: Video editing, filmmaking

Currently Exploring: Online Information Platforms

Campus: Middlebury College, Vermont

Feels Local: Middlebury and Hanoi, Vietnam

Mai grew up in northern Vietnam for most of her life. She then luckily got a scholarship to study high school in Norway for two years, then took a gap year to work and travel in Tibet, Nepal and India before going to Middlebury College. She is currently a rising senior whose interest is video-editing and movie-making. She is also interested in contemporary dance and french. In her free time, she enjoys doing sports such as soccer and being outdoors. After the summer, she hopes to get more familiar with some other digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and other apps in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Why DLINQ: She wants to improve digital fluency and she doesn’t  consider herself a technological person.  For example, she hasn’t used her phone for three year.