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Masud Tyree Lewis

Masud Tyree Lewis

Masud Tyree Lewis

Makerspace Coordinator/Program Lead, Undergraduate

Major: Environmental Studies and Architectural Studies Joint, May 2022

Expertise: Graphic Design, Marketing and Communications (email and social media), Project Planning and Management, Film Editing, Adobe Creative Cloud

Currently Exploring: Program Design and Assessment

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Georgetown, Guyana; Singapore

Masud Tyree Lewis is an Environmental Architecture Joint Major at Middlebury College with a passion for design. Graphic design, project design, program design or campaign design, Masud has been using his opportunities studying in Guyana, Singapore and the U.S. to learn how to design well. Currently going into his second year in DLINQ, he is focusing on designing the DLINQ Internship Program such that inquiries and innovation are central to its student impact. As Lead Intern, Masud also coordinates DLINQ’s student digital learning support resources and has designed the Student Continuity Planner, Navigating Remote Learning at Middlebury Guide and the Remote Student Page. He also manages DLINQ’s community partnerships with the Student Activities Office, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Research and Middlebury College Student Government Association. 

Outside of DLINQ, Masud’s passion for design can be seen through his roles in the International Students’ Organization (ISO). As the founding Director of the International House, he is responsible for the chartering and operations of Middlebury College’s first International House. He also serves as the ISO’s Associate Director for Marketing and Publications—after having served as the Director in his Sophomore year—leading the organization’s new Magazine (MINT), their editorial in The Middlebury Campus and other publication programs. 

Why DLINQ: DLINQ continues to teach me, not by telling or showing, but through practice, trial and error. I appreciate being in this supportive, explorative and innovative environment where my learning is prioritised and guided.