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Sailee Rangole

Sailee Rangole

Sailee Rangole

DLINQ Intern, Graduate

Program: Translation and Localization Management

Expertise: Languages (mainly Spanish, English and Hindi), Notion, Web Design

Campus: Middlebury Institute for International Studies, Monterey

Feels Local: Earth

Sailee Rangole is currently pursuing her Masters in Translation and Localization Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. She was born and raised in India and has a master’s degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Delhi, New Delhi. Languages have always fascinated her and learning them has consistently been an important aspect of her life. She can speak fluently in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Marathi and is also familiar with Bahasa Indonesia and other Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. Thanks to her education in various states of India and abroad she has inculcated qualities of flexibility, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity. She has a keen interest in digital learning and is constantly exploring its various aspects and opportunities!

Why DLINQ: To learn about digital identity, fluency, inclusion and security