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Sanjana Roy

Sanjana Roy

Sanjana Roy

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Environmental Studies and Architectural Studies Joint, May 2022

Expertise: Graphic Design, Website Design, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress

Currently Exploring: Architectural Modeling and Rendering Software

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Pune, India

Sanjana joined the DLINQ team in Spring 2019 looking to improve her ability to handle software and digital operations. As someone passionate about art and design, she has been able to hone in on a variety of digital skills pertaining to these areas as well as expand her interests and perspective. One of her projects involved contributing material and helping establish the design of a website exploring the historical architectural site of Meyershof (20th century Berlin) through audio and visual means. She is currently working on developing her own design portfolio and looking to host a series of workshops on architectural modeling and rendering software.

Why DLINQ: DLINQ has offered me a consistent and enriching learning experience from the very beginning, helping me develop confidence in navigating through digital environments more fluently and with increasingly acute awareness of their role in our society.