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Photo of Sonam Choedon, a DLINQ intern

Sonam Choedon

Sonam Choedon

Sonam Choedon

Sonam Choedon

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Undecided

Expertise: Canva, Social Media Post

Currently Exploring: Majors and Interests

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Lhasa, India, Queens NY

Fun Fact: Sonam’s legal first name is FNU, standing for Fabulous Nifty Unique JK 🙂

Sonam’s family moved alot in her early childhood. She was raised in Lhasa, India, and NY. She is currently a freshman, living in Hepburn. Sonam likes to watch K and C dramas. She is taking Chinese class and she loves it. If anyone has any strong feelings about K and C drama, she would love to discuss and give recommendations. She also likes painting, crafting and anything that has to do with art.

Why DLINQ: Sonam is interested in intersections of the digital and visual art but is not yet sure where specifically lies her interest, and she is excited to conduct more of that exploration here at DLINQ.