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Xiaofan Chen

Xiaofan Chen

Xiaofan Chen

DLINQ Intern, Graduate

Program: Translation and Localization Management

Expertise: Website Design, Graphic Design, Filmmaking

Campus: Middlebury Institute for International Studies, Monterey

Feels Local: Earth

Xiaofan Chen is an M.A. candidate in the Translation and Localization Management Program, specializing in English-Chinese translation. She was born in China and received her B.A. degree in English literature from Nanjing University. She speaks some French, and is learning Japanese on and off now because she has grown interests in game localization. From Day 1 at DLINQ, she has been excited to work with such a collaborative team and improve digital fluency through inspirational ideas (mostly from her colleagues!) and hands-on practices.

Outside of DLINQ, Xiaofan loves binge watching, music, and making homemade cocktails with friends.

Why DLINQ: I genuinely love people at DLINQ because they are smart, competent, approachable and lovely. It’s a place where we can improve digital fluency and literacy, share thoughts, listen to and learn from each other.