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Photo of Yaqi

Yaqi Huang

Photograph of Yaqi Huang

Yaqi Huang

Yaqi Huang

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Major: Computer Science and Comparative Literature

Expertise: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Currently Exploring: Blockchain, Adobe suite, XR

Campus: Middlebury College, VT

Feels Local: Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, NYC

Fun Fact: Yaqi’s last name Huang literally means Yellow in Chinese.

Yaqi grew up in Beijing with a family of southerners and she proudly self-identifies as one. A third-culture kid in the political capital, if you will. She comes from a background extensive in competitive math, a small family of karaoke aficionados and parents from whom she inherited a passion for and interest in languages. 

On campus she is a member of the mischords, the Language Tables crew and works as a Computer Science department tutor/grader. She is excited to explore more untravelled grounds of the digital and find more ways to connect her numerous scattered-around interests in a meaningful way.

Why DLINQ: Yaqi is interested in expanding her interest in tech and digitalization outside of CS department offerings. After her internship with Team4Tech, she is also curious about Tech’s various roles in education as well as how it adapts to fit needs of education.