Bread Loaf has its own communications network, BreadNet, which is a course management tool, and also functions as an e-mail server, an electronic bulletin board, a site for class folders and conferences, and a communications site for the Bread Loaf community throughout the year.BreadNet is the primary means of communication at Bread Loaf, especially among the Bread Loaf office, administration, faculty, staff, and students; we urge all employees to use BreadNet during the summer.BreadNet is simultaneously an e-mail account and and a networking tool that has connected the classrooms of Bread Loaf teachers since 1984. It is one of the first and most successful teacher networks in the nation. Its primary goals are to perpetuate the Bread Loaf community throughout the year and to encourage collaboration among all Bread Loaf teachers, faculty, and their classrooms.

All Bread Loaf students, faculty, staff, and graduates can receive a free account on BreadNet by contacting Caroline Eisner, Director of BreadNet.

Instructions for Use

BreadNet requires FirstClass client software, which you may download for free here.

To connect your iPod or iPad to BreadNet, you should do the following:

  1. Connect to the iTunes store.
  2. Search for FirstClass Mobile.
  3. Install the appropriate version on your mobile device.
  4. Once installed, launch the program and use as the server.
  5. Save these settings.

Information for 2017 Faculty and Staff

BreadNet Account Information, Summer 2017

  • Online Name: FirstName LastName (for example, Jane Smith)
  • User ID: LastNameFirstInitial  (for example, smithj)
  • Password: bread (to change your password, read the instructions below)
  • Internet Address: (e.g.,

To Change Your BreadNet Password:

  1. Pull down Collaborate from the Menu Bar.
  2. Select Change Password.
  3. For Old Password, type your current password (which may be bread).
  4. For New Password, type your new password (maximum 12 characters).
  5. Try to make it hard for someone to guess your password. Mix numbers and letters. Don’t use your own name, user ID, or any other easily guessed value. Use something you will remember.
  6. Retype your New Password to verify it.
  7. Click OK.

Featured image by Spencer Watson on unsplash