Book a Consultation

Use the scheduler to book a consultation with a DLINQ team member. You can book a consultation with a DLINQ staff member to learn more about digital pedagogy and learning space design. Or, you can book a consultation with a DLINQ intern for digital tools training and support. Click "Read more" under each category to see detailed descriptions.

After choosing a category, you'll see a list of DLINQ team members with whom you can schedule. We all have different skills and expertise, so be sure to click “Read more” under each name to find the best match for you. We have staff and interns based in Vermont and in Monterey, and the best person to help may not necessarily be based on your campus. Our staff offer consultations on-campus and online via Zoom, as do interns based in Monterey. Please note that interns based at Middlebury College are only available to meet on-campus.

If you already know which DLINQ team member you want to meet with, book a consultation directly with them.

Setting up consultations

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your ideas and questions, and help identify digital tools that support your academic or professional goals.

Location: Consultations are available online (via Zoom) or on campus. Keep in mind, we have staff and interns based in Vermont and in Monterey, California, but the best person to help with your question may not necessarily be based on your campus. You can verify which campus each DLINQer is based on, as well as their expertise and skill set, by clicking “Read more” under their name.

Self-paced resources

You may be able to find the answer to your question(s) in one of our self-paced resources:

  • DLINQ tool shed—information and how-to tutorials for resources available at Middlebury and online
  • DLINQ faculty tech orientation—a step-by-step guide to tech resources for teaching at Middlebury
  • Canvas Guides & Canvas Tier 1 support under the “Help” tab
  • Course Hub Guides—help for common Course Hub tasks and features
  • Lynda—video-based online learning resource for software and skill-building

Other resources

Questions outside of DLINQ’s scope may be solved by:

Topics that other departments can assist with include:

  • Login/usage challenges related to tools such as Office 365 and email (ITS)
  • Password reset, connecting to wifi (ITS)
  • Data flow issues from Banner to Course Hub (ITS)
  • Classroom hardware and related support (Media Services)
  • Program-level outreach to prospective students (Communications)

Contact Us

General Questions

If you're interested in becoming involved in, or learning more about, any of our initiatives and projects, if you have a proposal for a workshop, or if you have a general question that is not answered on our website, send us an email to dlinq [at] middlebury [dot] edu. We're excited to hear from you!