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We partner with faculty, staff, and students in a variety of ways around "the digital."  Request a consultation to propose a new project or partnership.

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If you're interested in becoming involved in, or learning more about, any of our initiatives and projects, such as Information Environmentalism, the 2018 Digital Detox, MiddCreate, and more, send us an email. We're excited to have you join us!

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DLINQ partners with faculty, staff, and students to build critical learning spaces and literacies in digital and hybrid environments.

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Why Work With Us?


  • Cross the boundaries of your “siloed” program and meet people from other parts of Middlebury.
  • Learn to make a website and improve your online presence.
  • Come to our learning labs to work on a group project.
  • Get 1-on-1 assistance, feedback, and advice from your peers.


  • Make your online course materials more user-friendly and interesting.
  • Get formatting help for your book project.
  • Hold your class in a flexible, rearrangeable space.
  • Learn about distance collaboration, flipped classrooms, and current pilot projects.


  • Learn how to be an effective manager.
  • Create a podcast or webinar.
  • Find willing partners to participate in a new exciting initiative.
  • Get ideas to spruce up your upcoming presentation.
  • Meet other people and groups from across the Middlebury enterprise.

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As we unify our offices and transition our online presence to this site, links and information will continue to change. {Please pardon our dust as we make this transition.}

In the meantime, see the following for other ways to connect with the combining parts of DLINQ.

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