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Newspapers on Wikipedia Edit-a-thon (Vermont campus)

Want to help improve our digital information environments? Want to help combat misinformation on the web?

Join the Newspapers-on-Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on October 26, 3pm – 7pm in the Wilson Media Lab.

We will be researching and writing Wikipedia articles about historic (older than 30 years) local (VT) newspapers. By adding Wikipedia pages about these newspapers, we will be helping people to find reliable information about the news sources they see on the web. This work is part of Middlebury’s Information Environmentalism initiative.

It’s OK if you don’t have any experience editing or writing for Wikipedia–WE CAN HELP! Just come ready to contribute, snack on pizza and other goodies, grab some swag, and help improve our digital environments. Come for the entire time, or drop-in when you’re available–it’s up to you. Ready to sign up? Here you go…


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