Our Digital Pedagogy & Media team has wide-ranging expertise in instructional design and pedagogy, multimedia production, and animation and narrative storytelling. We offer consultation and support for: 

  • Selecting and implementing the appropriate digital tools for instructional purposes
  • Design of online and hybrid classes and workshops
  • Negotiating digital identities
  • Studio models for teaching and learning
  • Universal design for learning
  • Inclusive design
  • Digital language pedagogy
  • Digital privacy and self-defense
  • Digital storytelling, podcasting, and other multimedia production formats
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Instructional design combines both the art and science of learning. It includes, but is not limited to, design of online or digital learning experiences. Our instructional designers can offer guidance in:

  • how to structure learning (for formal or informal learning experiences, and from short single-day experiences to full-length courses or series of courses)
  • what types of learning activities have been found to be effective in different contexts (e.g., face-to-face versus online learning)
  • what types of technologies work well for different types of learning activities how to make learning visually engaging and help it “stick” how to make online learning accessible to the widest range of users

We believe that learning communities are built on a foundation that recognizes the humanity of teachers and students, and that learning works best when the diversity of learner backgrounds and experiences are acknowledged, respected, and welcomed. When these needs are met, learners can be invited out of their “comfort zone.” We believe that a playful approach can mediate the space between safety and risk. When learners are supported to build expertise and take ownership over their own learning, we believe that learning is identity-changing. These beliefs guide us toward intentional design of learning spaces that are inclusive, equitable, supportive, authentic, and generative.

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Teaching Hybrid & Online

DLINQ has convened the Teaching Online and Hybrid Conversation Series since Fall 2018. Originally conceived of as a way to prepare faculty to take advantage of emerging opportunities to design online and hybrid

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Addressing Barriers

Looking for strategies to support the diverse learning needs that students bring to your classroom? In our Addressing Barriers series, we explore the Universal Design for Learning guidelines and other strategies for

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