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DLINQ Internships: Professional Learning Opportunities for Middlebury Students

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DLINQ Interns

Illustration of Xiaofan

Xiaofan Chen

DLINQ Intern, Institute
photo of Jessie


DLINQ Intern, Institute

Alivia Kliesen, Ilustrated Portrait

Alivia Kliesen

DLINQ Intern, College
photo of Alivia


DLINQ Intern, College

Illustration of Masud

Masud Tyree Lewis

DLINQ Lead Intern, College
photo of Masud


DLINQ Lead Intern, College

Illustration of Sailee

Sailee Rangole

DLINQ Intern, Institute
photo of Sailee


DLINQ Intern, Institute

Illustration of Kaylen

Kaylen Rivers

DLINQ Intern, College
photo of Kaylen


DLINQ Intern, College

Writings & Reflections

Protest Lyrics: A Guide to a Perfect Protest Song?

by Petar Gardian, DLINQ Intern

As part of my personal inquiry, I have decided to explore protest music from the 1990s onwards. The main aim of the inquiry was to find the most common idioms and words […]

Inbox Zero: An Animated Short

by Alivia Kliesen, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science Major

DLINQ recently tasked the Interns with creating a visualization that represents some aspect of our relationship to the digital. In tackling this project, I first reflected on the seemingly endless stream […]

The Digital Cyborg: Algorithmically Created Art

By Kaylen Rivers, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science and English Double Major

One project we undertook as DLINQ interns was the Digital Cyborg, an open-ended exercise where we were tasked with analyzing and describing how our relationships with the digital world become […]

Science as a Form of Storytelling

by Jiaqi Li, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science & Geology Joint Major

(This is a collaborative personal storytelling project between DLINQ Intern Cyborg project and an assignment for Writing on Contemporary Issues (fall 2020))

In computer science, an

A Dab of Data Visualization

by Jiaqi Li, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science & Geology Joint Major

The efforts powered by human curiosity and an innate need to understand the world, for lack of a better term, underlie all scientific explorations. That is precisely […]

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