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DLINQ Internships: Professional Learning Opportunities for Middlebury Students

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DLINQ Interns

Illustration of Youra Choi, a DLINQ intern

Youra Choi

DLINQ Intern, Graduate

Youra Choi

Youra Choi

DLINQ Intern, Graduate

Illustration of Sonam Choedon, a DLINQ intern

Sonam Choedon

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Sonam Choedon

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Photo of Issy

Issy Cochran

DLINQ Lead Intern, Undergraduate

Photograph of Issy Cochran.


DLINQ Lead Intern, Undergraduate

Photo of Tenzin

Tenzin Gyalmo

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Photograph of Tenzin Gyalmo.


DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Photograph of Yaqi Huang

Yaqi Huang

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Photo of Yaqi

Yaqi Huang

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Huthefa Maalim

DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Photograph of Huthefa Maalim.


DLINQ Intern, Undergraduate

Meet some amazing Interns that have worked with DLINQ in the past

Writings & Reflections

Group Roles Can Lead To An Efficient Team

by Kayla Moore, DLINQ Lead Intern

Have you ever had a group member who was so tired and stressed out they didn’t help out with the group work? Has that ever been you? Or have you ever worked with a partner […]

Beginning to Create a Guide for the DLINQ Lead Intern

By Issy Cochran, DLINQ Lead Intern/Peer Mentor


For my personal inquiry, I decided to reflect on my transition into the Lead Intern position and ask if there are ways I can improve the process. I became Lead […]

Creating a video in Adobe Premiere Pro

By Kayla Moore, DLINQ Intern

Background: This is a guide on how to create a video. These steps can be applied to any video creation software. The content of my video is about the connection between rural poverty in America and […]

Exploring the Relationship Between Art and Technology

Jiachen Wang, DLINQ Intern

In my personal inquiry, I decided to focus on digital art, which for me had always been an unknown territory. Although I had not had any experience with it, I was curious about the process of creating […]

Midd Notes

by Petar Gardian, DLINQ Intern

For my personal inquiry during the summer internship, I strived to explore backend website development. I wanted to create a data repository website where Middlebury College students can share class notes, such as images, educational videos, […]

Practical Creativity

by Mai Thuong, DLINQ Intern

For my summer internship with DLINQ, I tried to learn more about digital fluency through team and personal inquiries.

For team inquiries, through different prompts related to a digital awareness, I was encouraged to explore roles and […]

Privacy in an Invasive World

by Gary Soza, DLINQ Intern

In my personal inquiry, Privacy in a Digital World, I explored how privacy needs have become increasingly more important in our lives and made recommendations for useful resources for the uninitiated. I created a WordPress […]

Protest Lyrics: A Guide to a Perfect Protest Song?

by Petar Gardian, DLINQ Intern

As part of my personal inquiry, I have decided to explore protest music from the 1990s onwards. The main aim of the inquiry was to find the most common idioms and words […]

Inbox Zero: An Animated Short

by Alivia Kliesen, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science Major

DLINQ recently tasked the Interns with creating a visualization that represents some aspect of our relationship to the digital. In tackling this project, I first reflected on the seemingly endless stream […]

The Digital Cyborg: Algorithmically Created Art

By Kaylen Rivers, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science and English Double Major

One project we undertook as DLINQ interns was the Digital Cyborg, an open-ended exercise where we were tasked with analyzing and describing how our relationships with the digital world become […]

Science as a Form of Storytelling

by Jiaqi Li, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science & Geology Joint Major

(This is a collaborative personal storytelling project between DLINQ Intern Cyborg project and an assignment for Writing on Contemporary Issues (fall 2020))

In computer science, an

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