DLINQ Interns

DLINQ Interns are Middlebury students who are employed by DLINQ. They divide their time into three areas of work:

  • Lab support for Wilson Media Lab (Middlebury) and Digital Learning Commons (Monterey)
  • In-person and online consultations with other students, faculty, and staff
  • DLINQ project work


DLINQ’s student engagement program is designed to provide opportunities for Middlebury students to work on meaningful and impactful digital projects. DLINQ Interns work with mentorship from DLINQ staff and are offered continuous learning opportunities. As such, the program is aligned with Middlebury’s strategic direction focused on developing students' digital fluency and critical engagement with the digital.

Interns offer support for the Middlebury community for a variety of software and digital tools, including: the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, WordPress and website development, iMovie, Keynote, Powerpoint, and Prezi, as well as many others. In addition to offering technical support to faculty, staff, and students, Interns assist with DLINQ projects from departments across Middlebury.


See us in the Lab

The Wilson Media Lab (Middlebury, VT) and the DLC Learning Lab (Monterey, CA) are staffed by Interns during specified hours. Interns are available to help on topics such as: media creation software, learning tools, and other digital resources available inside and outside of the lab. Drop-ins are welcome.


Interns provide consultations to other students, and occasionally to faculty, for topics on which they have expertise (e.g., media production, using software). When possible, we encourage scheduling a consultation with a DLINQ Intern to ensure that they are prepared to provide support.

Project Work

Interns are an integral part of DLINQ projects, including Studio projects, in coordination with DLINQ staff. In some cases, project work is part of a DLA-funded project, in coordination with DLA staff.

Blog posts by Interns


What does Middlebury’s new IP policy mean for you? (Part 1)
At the September 2016 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted unanimously to approve Middlebury’s first Intellectual Property policy. The new policy is a result of a year-long process that involved 
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Moodle to Canvas: Language Assessment Transitions
With Middlebury’s recent institution-wide transition to a new Learning Management System (LMS), many instructors as well as programs have worked diligently to migrate existing learning content from Moodle to Canvas. Moodle, which has 
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Advice for working across distance
Middlebury is launching a strategic planning process this year, called Envisioning Middlebury. As part of this process, two committees of faculty, staff, and students from across Middlebury’s programs were formed to 
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Language Learning and the Digital
We think of language learning as an in-person endeavor. At its most elemental level, what is language really about if not about me standing here – in person – talking 
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Working across distance – Amy’s view
Sean in Middlebury this week! Hooray! This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to Sonja and me, it’s so important. You see, Sean works remotely from Oregon. 
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Announcing MiddCreate
It’s official! MiddCreate is live! What is MiddCreate, you ask? MiddCreate allows Middlebury students, faculty, and staff to create a personal web subdomain. In that web space, users can design 
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Bringing digital humanities tools to your classroom
Recently, I had the privilege to present with Dr. Florence Feiereisen (Department of German) at the CTLR Writing and Teaching Retreat. We talked about digital tools that faculty can use in their classes to 
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Benvenuti a Firenze! (Welcome to Florence)
Last week, the Office of Digital Learning and the School in Italy launched a project that we are very proud to have jointly created: a “pre-immersion” website where novice-level Italian 
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Canvas: Creating audio playback in quizzes (w/o audio controls)
Post written by Andrea Narciso, summer intern for the Office of Digital Learning This summer, I worked  as an intern at the Office of Digital Learning. As such, I’ve helped 
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More help on MiddCreate
Our colleagues at the Digital Learning Commons at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey have been exploring and blogging about MiddCreate, Middlebury’s domain of one’s own environment. Take 
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Header photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash