As you’re wrapping up your semester and beginning to think about your summer journey, we invite you to consider DLINQ as a partner on your quest to explore how digital technologies can be used to support engaged, inclusive, and active student learning in your courses. Wherever you are on your journey – just setting out, encountering challenges along your path, extending your current digital learning strategies into new contexts – DLINQ has interns and staff who can be partners, mentors, and allies on the journey.


What types of projects can I work on?

Past projects have included:

  • Conversations and planning around innovative ideas you may have for digital class activities or projects (example)
  • Developing web-based instructional resources that support pedagogical goals (example)
  • Experimenting with “small moves” you can make in your courses (example)
  • Development of course web sites in WordPress or Canvas (example)

Who will I work with?

After you submit a project request, a DLINQ team member will be in touch to schedule a consultation to learn more about your goals. During the consultation, we’ll also map out the scope and timeline of the project and identify the most appropriate resources for the journey. Often, a DLINQ Intern will be assigned to complete some or all of the work; a DLINQ team member may also partner with you to complete the project.

What is the timeline?

We anticipate the journey will be completed during the months of June, July and August. Please be sure to specify on the form if your timeline is different from this schedule.

Get started!

To get started on the journey, please submit a project request.

Not sure where or how to start? Feel free to contact us with any questions!