ArcGIS StoryMaps


ArcGIS StoryMaps is a web-based story-authoring application that allows you to easily integrate maps alongside narrative text and other multimedia content. You do not have to include geographical maps in your story, but the platform seamlessly integrates with ESRI’s other ArcGIS platforms, including ArcGIS Online and Survey123.

All faculty, staff, and students at Middlebury have access to Middlebury’s instance of the ESRI ArcGIS ecosystem.

Get Started

  1. Go to ArcGIS StoryMaps at
  2. Click “Sign In”
  3. Choose “Your ArcGIS organization’s URL is” and enter “Middlebury” in the editable field, then click “Continue”
  4. Click the “Middlebury” button
  5. Voila! You should be in now

Creating Collaborative ArcGIS Groups with Middlebury Peers

While it’s possible for individuals to set up their own ArcGIS groups with whom to share ArcGIS projects (learn more), if you’d like to actually collaborate with others (i.e., collaboratively edit) on the same ArcGIS project or StoryMap, or have your students work in collaborative groups on the same StoryMap, you need to submit a request to a Middlebury ArcGIS facilitator or administrator. You may submit an email request to any of these individuals: Bill Hegman (, Jeni Henrickson (, or Gustavo Carvalho (

Prior to submitting your email request, please ensure each individual who will be included in your group(s) has signed into ArcGIS Online using their Middlebury credentials at least once. See the “Get Started” section of this page for instructions how to sign into Middlebury’s instance of ArcGIS Online.

In your email request, please include:

  • For what project or class you are requesting that an ArcGIS shared update group(s) be created, and how many different groups you need created.
  • The names and Middlebury email addresses of individuals to be included in each collaborative group.
  • What you would like each group to be named. If you have multiple groups of students that will be collaborating in a class, you could simply name the groups after your class; for example, IEPG8635 Group 1, IEPG8635 Group 2, IEPG8635 Group 3, etc.

Creating Collaborative ArcGIS Groups with non-Middlebury Partners

If a Middlebury faculty or staff member would like to request that a community or research partner be added to a Middlebury ArcGIS Online project or StoryMap, please email Bill Hegman ( ) and let him know who you’d like to add and for what purpose (e.g., “[name of person] is a community partner who will be helping us create a StoryMap about [name of project]. This individual also needs to be added to a shared update group that will include [add names and emails of Midd people working on the ArcGIS project]. The community partner’s email is [add individual’s email address].“

Please also let Bill know if the community or research partner already has their own ArcGIS account or not. If the individual does not have their own ArcGIS account, Bill can potentially set up an account for them, which they would use to login via the standard ArcGIS login rather than through our organizational URL.

Taking Your ArcGIS Content With You If You Leave Middlebury

You can use the ArcGIS Online Assistant tool to copy certain content over to your Middlebury account. If you (or a student) are leaving Middlebury and want to transfer your content to either a personal account or to another ArcGIS Online organization, ArcGIS Online Assistant can help you do that.

Note that:

  • It is possible to copy more than one StoryMap at a time.
  • Not all types of ArcGIS content can be copied over using this tool. I’ve had success with StoryMaps, ArcGIS Online maps, and Survey123 surveys, however.
  • ArcGIS Online Assistant copies content to another account. If you want to remove content or limit access to content from your other account, after you copy the files over to a new account, you will need to log back into your other account to delete or change the share settings on your original content.
  • ArcGIS Online Assistant is a free and unsupported tool. This means it is not directly supported by Esri Support Services.

If you or a student is leaving Middlebury and need another ArcGIS account to copy your Midd content to, you can set up a free public ArcGIS Online account. These accounts are for personal, non-commercial use and can be used to create, store, manage and share a limited amount of ArcGIS Online content.Check out the ArcGIS Assistant User Guide to get started transferring content:

Need help?

For technical support for ArcGIS StoryMaps, search the ITS Knowledge Base or submit a help ticket here.

For pedagogical support for ArcGIS StoryMaps, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.