GoReact is an interactive cloud-based platform for feedback, grading, and critiquing of student video assignments. GoReact can be used for improving any skill that can be captured on video or audio, and has been used for language learning, language interpretation, ASL, oral presentations, speech and debate, teacher development, clinical training, and performing arts learning.

GoReact is integrated into Canvas, and GoReact assignments in Canvas can be tied to the gradebook.

Get Started

All Middlebury faculty, staff, and students have access to GoReact. Instructors, you will need to choose whether you want to create your GoReact assignments within Canvas, or separately at goreact.com. Important: these two options are on separate platforms and do NOT communicate with each other. So, if you create an assignment at goreact.com, it will not show up in Canvas, and Canvas GoReact assignments cannot be accessed by logging into goreact.com.

To login for the first time as an instructor:

  1. Using Canvas: You can create a GoReact assignment in Canvas. You will be prompted to enter your Middlebury SSO details on first assignment setup.
  2. Using goreact.com: Go to the GoReact website and sign up using your Middlebury email.

Using GoReact.com

  1. Log in to GoReact and create your course.
  2. Invite your students to the course. To give your students access to your course, you’ll need to invite them in. The Group Join Link method is recommended by GoReact.
  3. Create your assignment. There are multiple options for creating an assignment in GoReact. The most common option is the Standard Assignment, where your students upload their videos for feedback in GoReact.

Dig Deeper

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Need help?

For technical support for GoReact, contact the GoReact support group.

For pedagogical support for GoReact, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.