H5P is an authoring tool that you can use to create interactive videos, interactive presentations, a variety of quiz types, games, timelines, and other rich media content.

H5P is typically used to add interactive elements to websites, and can also be used to create learning exercises or assessments for courses. H5P interactive content is created through an authoring tool or site, and then embedded in websites (including Canvas sites).

Get Started

For H5P authoring at Middlebury, we provide access to a WordPress site with the H5P plugin installed, allowing you to create H5P content types to embed in your website or Canvas site.

To get started, fill out the form on the H5P authoring site to create a WordPress sandbox site (a private WordPress site for you to use to build H5P elements).

Once your site is set up, you’ll see a H5P Content option in the left-hand menu of the site’s dashboard; from there, click Add New and then you will be able to browse all available H5P content types and start building.

You can see examples of H5P content types on the H5P.org website.

Need help?

For questions about creating H5P content, please contact DLINQ

For pedagogical support for H5P, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.

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