Perusall in Canvas


Perusall is a social annotation tool that allows students to collaboratively markup uploaded texts, webpages, textbooks, as well as images and video with comments, hashtags, and anonymous notes. The Perusall integration with Canvas allows instructors to create graded annotation assignments.

Get Started

The Perusall integration is installed and available in your Canvas course, but it is by default hidden from the course level navigation. To enable the Perusall integration for use with Canvas assignments, follow these steps to add Perusall to course-level navigation:

  1. Click Settings in the course level navigation menu
  2. Click the Navigation tab, then look for Perusall in the list of menu items.
  3. Click the stacked three dots next to Perusall, then click Enable to add it to the list of active menu items. Alternatively, drag the Perusall block above the line that reads “Drag items here to hide them from students.”
  4. Click Save.

Add content to Perusall library

To create a Perusall annotation assignment in Canvas, first click Perusall in your course level navigation menu, then click the Library tab on your Perusall course home page. You will see multiple content options in the Add Content menu. Select the type of content you will assign for annotation in the content menu, and follow the steps to add it to the library.

Create a graded assignment in Canvas

There are multiple steps to create a graded Perusall assignment that integrates with the Canvas gradebook. Add assignment content to the Perusall library, then create the assignment in Perusall, and finally create and configure it in Canvas using the same assignment title.

Create the annotation assignment in Perusall

  1. Configure the assignment settings in Perusall by following the steps to create, edit or delete an assignment.
  2. Note: Make note of the exact assignment name used in step one so that it is available when you create the assignment in Canvas. For example, keep the Perusall tool open in another tab so that you can copy and paste the exact assignment title in a later step.

Create a Canvas assignment for each Perusall assignment

  1. In Canvas module view, click the plus sign (+)
  2. Select Assignment from the Add menu
  3. Click the [Create Assignment] field in the activity menu
  4. Paste the exact assignment name created for the Perusall assignment in step one in the Assignment name field.
  5. Click Add Item

Configure the Canvas assignment settings

  1. Click the title of the Canvas assignment you just created
  2. Click Edit Assignment Settings
  3. Change the Submission Type drop down menu to External Tool
  4. Click Find, then click Perusall in the list of external tools
  5. Click Select to save your choice
  6. Tick the Load this Tool in a New Tab checkbox
  7. Configure the other assignment settings, then click Save
  8. Note: if you don’t publish the assignment, it will not appear properly in Canvas.

Additional Instructions

Need help?

For technical support for Perusall in Canvas, search the ITS Knowledge Base or submit a help ticket here.

For pedagogical support for Perusall in Canvas, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.