Pressbooks is an easy-to-use book production software that lets you create a book in all the formats you need to publish. You can use Pressbooks to author and publish textbooks, scholarly monographs, syllabi, manuals, fiction and non-fiction books, white papers, and much more in multiple formats including:

  • web-based
  • MOBI (for Kindle ebooks)
  • EPUB (for all other ebookstores)
  • designed PDF (for print-on-demand and digital distribution)

Get Started

If you are new to working with Pressbooks, the Pressbooks User Guide is a great place to start.

Your book creation process will look something like this:

  1. Sign-up for Pressbooks. You will have the option to create a book right away.
  2. Add book information. You can include a title, author, language, book description, and more.
  3. Start building your book by writing, formatting, and adding media. Use the Authoring Dashboard to start writing.
  4. Choose a theme for your book. There are 21 different themes with different typefaces, colors, and styles to explore.
  5. You will have the option to export your book in 10+ formats.

You may also want to view the “Introduction to Pressbooks” video.

If you are having issues registering for an account, contact DLINQ.

Need help?

For technical support for Pressbooks, search the ITS Knowledge Base or submit a help ticket here.

For pedagogical support for Pressbooks, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.