Zoom is Middlebury’s primary videoconferencing tool. All Middlebury faculty, staff and students have access to Zoom with the ability to schedule, record and share online meetings or invite remote guest speakers to your class or event. Zoom meetings allow you to interact synchronously together via voice audio and chat, present content through screen-sharing, create small group breakout rooms, and poll participants. Zoom is used to virtually connect with individual students during office hours, with whole classes in online and hybrid formats, and with guests from other locations.

Zoom is accessible from a networked connected desktop computer, laptop, or a mobile device. You can also connect to any Zoom meeting via voice call through a special telephone number available in a meeting invitation.

Get Started

  1. To access your Middlebury Zoom account navigate to go.middlebury.edu/zoom
  2. Click the Sign-in button at the top right of your screen.
  3. You will be redirected to a Middlebury single sign on (SSO) login page. Enter your Middlebury network credentials (@middlebury.edu email address and password).
  4. Meeting hosts and participants will need to download the Zoom application. Your web browser will prompt you to download the Zoom app when you start or join your first meeting.
  5. Customize your account profile including photo, pronouns, and custom meeting link on the Zoom web portal or the Zoom app.
  6. See below for additional guides on a few common tasks:

Dig Deeper

  1. Zoom in Canvas

Need help?

For technical support for Zoom, search the ITS Knowledge Base or submit a help ticket here.

For pedagogical support for Zoom, schedule a consultation with a DLINQ team member.