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This event has been postponed due to the Covid emergency.
Community CryptoParty at the Middlebury Institute
in partnership with the Cybersecurity Working Group

All levels of experience and interest welcome. No technical background or skills required.

Plans for a virtual CryptoParty are underway, stay tuned!

In 2019-2020, DLINQ is working with Middlebury and community partners like the Cybersecurity Working Group to offer CryptoParties that help members of our communities take more control over their data and privacy.

Cool! So, what’s a cryptoparty?

The CryptoParty movement is a “global and decentralized grass-roots movement to help everyday people learn how to improve their internet security with open source tools.”

This CryptoParty invites Middlebury Institute students, staff, and faculty from all academic programs to learn about how their data is being tracked through digital technologies and how they can take action to protect themselves. Our organizing team will provide recommendations for tools and practices to get started with personal crypto and facilitate hands-on learning conversations and breakout spaces that will help participants:

  • Strategize how to clean up online presence and digital traces
  • Review privacy and camera settings for data leaks on apps and personal devices
  • Understand search engine bias and learn how to use privacy oriented search tools
  • Manage passwords securely and learn about alternative encrypted email services
  • Protect your physical devices (laptops, mobile phones) with data encryption and data blockers
  • Map out your digital footprint on Middlebury services and make an exit plan, especially for for soon-to-be grads
  • Prioritize actions you can take to protect yourself and others through personal threat modeling

We will have a couple of additional laptops, but to make the most of the session participants should bring their smart phone and/or laptop (or whatever other devices they use to connect to the internet) to start building your personal digital security toolkit.

Interested in a custom CryptoParty for your community group? Connect with us at dlinq @

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