Online & Hybrid Faculty Conversation Series: Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

The Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry (DLINQ) is convening a year-long conversation series for faculty to explore and address pedagogical and technical issues related to teaching and learning online. As Middlebury moves into more hybrid and online learning opportunities, these conversations will help to prepare faculty to take advantage of these opportunities, while ensuring that we are designing courses and programs that reflect our unique values and approaches to learning.


In our first conversation, we heard that online learning can sometimes be “solitary” “distracted” “less appealing to the senses” and “requires extra effort to connect and stay engaged.”  We wondered, what does it mean to create online learning spaces that make room for instructor and student personality, a sense of intimacy, and a feeling of community and trust?  What are some specific strategies that faculty can use to design and foster these spaces?

Continuing the Conversation: Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning

For this second conversation in the series, we’ve invited Dr. Whitney Kilgore to join us to help think through these questions. Whitney is the Chief Academic Officer at iDesign, and has many years of experience developing online academic programs in higher education settings, with a particular interest in designing student-centered, humanizing online learning spaces. In this conversation, Whitney will share highlights of the Community of Inquiry framework and help us think through strategies for embedding instructor presence, social presence, and cognitive presence into our online learning design.

Monday, October 29, 2018
12:15 – 1:30pm Pacific time or 3:15 – 4:30pm Eastern time
Online via Zoom
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Suggested reading/resources

Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning: open access, online book edited by Whitney Kilgore

Community of Inquiry framework (open access)

The first decade of the community of inquiry framework: A retrospective (paywall; in The Internet and Higher Education journal)

Amy Collier, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Digital Learning
Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Ed.D., Director of Digital Pedagogy & Media
Bob Cole, Director of Exploratory Initiatives & Partnerships

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