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Exporting Work from Canvas: Take Your Data With You!

Instructors and students are encouraged to download copies of their work at the end of every term. Work can be exported even after the Canvas site has been placed in a read-only state.

Teachers are encouraged to create a backup file of their Canvas site for use in future versions of a course. ePub versions of a site are useful to browse the course site when an internet connection is not available. Student data, sometimes used for job and graduate school references, should be stored in a secure location.

  • Course Content (backup and reuse in Canvas)
    We recommend that this backup file be stored in your Middlebury Office 365 or Google Drive space.
  • Course Content (offline viewing)
  • Student Assignment Submissions

Students are encouraged to download an ePub version of the course site for browsing when an internet connection is not available, and for reference for future coursework. Students are also encouraged to download a copy of their work for their own records.


There are two ways to find links to your Canvas sites:

  1. In Canvas:
    1. Click the COURSES button in the left hand menu.
    2. Click the All Courses link in the pop-out.
Image showing how to access your course sites from Canvas
  1. In Course Hub:
    1. Click on the My Terms dropdown menu.
    2. Choose a term.
    3. The Canvas site will be linked from the dashboard view.
Image showing how to access your course sites from Course Hub


If you need help with any of these steps, Instructure Support is available 24/7 via email (support@instructure.com) or phone (+1-833-890-4166).

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