Faculty Technology Orientation


Welcome to Middlebury!

This orientation site is designed to help you learn about technology resources that can aid your teaching at Middlebury.

There are three modules to help you get connected to, and learn how to use, our resources. If you have taught at Middlebury before, you may be able to skip some steps, but we do recommend that you progress through the site in sequence so that you don't miss anything.

If you need help at any point, consult this Help & Troubleshooting Guide.

STEP 1: Get your credentials

This is the very first step you will take to get access to technology resources at Middlebury. Your Middlebury email account is your key—your passport—to access Middlebury’s technology resources. Follow this step to activate your email account. 

STEP 2: Get connected

Now that your account is activated, you can connect to the Course Hub, and to printers, wireless, email, and file storage. Click the button to learn more.

STEP 3: Connect to teaching resources

Middlebury provides many resources for faculty to use in their courses. Step 3 will take you through the most common options.

Looking for Help?

Are you struggling to get started? Check out our Help & Troubleshooting guide for more.