Faculty Tech Orientation

Step 3. Connect to Teaching Resources

What do you need for your class?

Middlebury manages a number of web-based resources that are available for your course. In this module, you can access information on how to set up and use Canvas and WordPress, as well as other instructional tools to help broaden the teaching and learning experiences in your course.

Before proceeding with this module, please ensure you have verified your teaching assignments in Course Hub as described in Module 2: Get Connected.

Teaching Resources

Middlebury offers a variety of online teaching resources. Answer the following questions to determine which of the commonly used tools would work best for you.

Learn more about Canvas

Canvas Learning Management System
Canvas is Middlebury’s learning management system, and course sites can be provisioned using CourseHub.
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Learn more about WordPress

WordPress is a powerful and popular tool for creating websites and blogs. 
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Learn more about Panopto

Panopto Video Content Tool
Panopto is a video sharing and storage service that allows you to upload, edit, store and share video with your class. Panopto can be a very powerful tool to use for video lecture and video annotation.
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Learn more about Zoom

Zoom Video Conference Tool
Zoom is Middlebury's official videoconference tool. You can use Zoom to digitally connect with individual students, whole classes, guest teachers, writers, and others. It's simple to use, and accessible using your computer camera, a webcam, or your phone's camera.
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More Teaching Resources

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BreadNet Communication Tool 

(Bread Loaf Only)

Bread Loaf's communications network is called BreadNet. It is a course management tool, and also functions as an e-mail server, an electronic bulletin board, a site for class folders and conferences, and a communications site for the Bread Loaf community throughout the year. It is the primary means of communication at Bread Loaf.

Looking for Help?

Are you struggling to access or use these teaching resources? Check out our troubleshooting guides for more.