About the Internship Program

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DLINQ’s student internship program is designed to provide opportunities for Middlebury students to work on meaningful and impactful digital projects. DLINQ Interns work with DLINQ staff mentors and are offered continuous learning opportunities. The program is aligned with Middlebury’s strategic direction focused on developing students’ digital fluency and critical engagement with the digital.

This website is intended to be a resource for new and current Interns. The information in this site will help Interns start each term successfully, and serve as documentation for continued work with DLINQ.

New Interns should start with Your First Day and Meeting.

DLINQ Interns divide their time into three areas of work:

  • Inquiries – Participating in individual and group inquiries on topics of digital fluency, and supporting or co-leading one-on-one or small group learning sessions on topics relevant to DLINQ’s areas of focus.
  • Digital Assistance – Facilitating peer-to-peer consultations with other students, faculty, and staff, and partnering with faculty and staff to develop digital fluency activities for courses.
  • DLINQ project work – Contributing to the development, progress, and success of DLINQ sponsored as well as community partner projects and initiatives.

Group Roles Can Lead To An Efficient Team

by Kayla Moore, DLINQ Lead Intern Have you ever had a group member who was so tired and stressed out they didn’t help out with the group work? Has that ever been you? Or have you ever worked with a partner who you realized a little too late that they a...

Creating Icons for the DLINQ Interns Handbook Website

by Jiachen Wang, DLINQ Intern In my personal inquiry this semester, I decided to use Adobe Illustrator to create icons for the Community Agreements page on our DLINQ Intern Handbookwebsite. In my previous personal inquiry, I had learned to use Adobe Il...

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