DLINQ Interns participate in inquiries designed by DLINQ Staff and Interns. The goal is to provide each Intern the freedom to explore ideas of Digital Literacy and Fluency while ensuring that, at any point of the program, they are able to relate their learning to that of others. These Inquiries allow them to creatively explore project management, design processes and critical thinking.

The Team Inquiries use the following cycle.

Phase 1

All Team Inquiries start with some guided preparation. This preparation can include articles and media, and workshops and activities led by DLINQ Staff, Interns or Partners.

Interns are then given a prompt that asks them to reflect on their own experience and craft a story. There are no restrictions on the types of media that can be used to share the story with the other members of the Intern Team. Some small group brainstorming will happen after the prompt is shared.

After each story is told, Interns will share feedback in the form of “I like…,” “I wish…,” “I wonder…”

Phase 2

Interns are given a prompt that encourages them to think about the topic in Phase 1 and how we might engage others in the topic. In small groups they are asked to develop a high-fidelity prototype.

The small groups present the prototypes to the Interns. The presentation mus include methods, insights, and challenges. After each presentation all Interns will share feedback.

The Interns choose which ideas presented will become project explorations.