Set up the Outlook e-mail client on your computer or use the Outlook Web Client.

When asked for your email address to sign in, use your [username] and your password.

Add Your Schedule in Outlook

  1. Click on the top left corner to open another mailbox. 

      2. Search for and open the account.

      3. Open Calendar and create a New event.


 4. Title each work block as “Your Name”. Set the work block to “Show as” “Free”. These hours will show up with a white bar on the left side.         To set a work block as “Free”, right-click > Show As > Free. Use the “Recurrence” feature to automatically fill out your schedule for             the rest of the semester.



Email Signature

  1. In the menu bar of the desktop app, click Outlook > Insert>Signature>Signatures…

       2. Create a Standard signature using this format:

DLINQ Intern
Digital learning & Inquiry


       3. Assign the signature to your email address using the OK button default at the bottom of this window.