Communication Channels

When on the clock at DLINQ, it is important to stay in contact with everyone on the team. For example, if you need any clarification on what you’re working on or need to say something to the rest of the team.

Daily Use Channels


Outlook is used for email and scheduling. You are required to monitor the DLINQ Intern inbox and calendar when on the clock. Outlook is accessible through the Outlook app on your computer or the Outlook Web Client. When asked for your email address to sign in, use your and password.

Set up your Outlook Account here

Note: There may be a delay in your account being added to the DLINQ Intern Outlook.


Slack is a group chat tool that we’ve adopted for use within DLINQ. You are required to be logged in to Slack while you are on the clock. We recommend you look through our Slack channels for additional channels that you may be interested in. You are also free to create your own channels if you feel that we are missing something!

Please ask your supervisor for an invite. Then, follow the instructions for setting up Slack.

Starter Channel Guide

  • #interns – any questions about meetings, orientation and training, ask here.
  • #general – general chat for the Interns and the rest of DLINQ.
  • #communityboard – share personal updates, pictures of your pets and favorite food.
  • #toolshed – post questions about digital tools and services.
  • #cryptoparties – is where we talk about our cryptoparty events.