This website is intended to be a resource for new and current Interns. The information in this site will help Interns start each term successfully, and serve as documentation for continued work with DLINQ.


Project Team for the DLINQ Intern Handbook website

Issy Cochran – Wicked Web Wizard
Petar Gardian – Information Ostrich
Tenzin Gyalmo – Design Dragon
Kayla Moore – Groovy Graphic Guru
Joe Antonioli – Sponsor Sorcerer

Thank you to Jeni Henrickson and Tom Woodward for their consultation and wisdom.

Thank you to Heather Stafford for her contribution to the Training section of the site, she contributed many exercises.

Iconography for Community Agreements uses artwork from corpus delicti, Gregor Cresnar, IconMark, Tezar Tantular, Adrien Coquet, Ayub Irawan, Ralf Schmitzer, Marie Van den Breck, Mungang Kim, and Alice Design from The Noun Project.


This site was inspired by the Techrangers Handbook of UCF.