It's time for you to have a domain of your own.

MiddCreate is Middlebury’s open web design project, based on the Domain of One’s Own initiative. All Middlebury faculty, staff and students have access to MiddCreate.

About the initiative

With MiddCreate, faculty, staff, and students can create online websites and spaces for writing, self-expression, professional, academic, or creative portfolios, and more. 

THE MISSION OF MIDDCREATE is to provide spaces on the web where students, faculty, and staff can explore and connect their learning, experiment with digital tools for teaching and learning, and create a digital identity that is owned and managed by them, to take with them when they leave Middlebury.

MIDDCREATE PROVIDES SUBDOMAIN NAMES and web space to members of the Middlebury community, encouraging individuals to explore and develop their digital identities using tools such as WordPress, Omeka, Media Wiki, Known, and more. MiddCreate supports an individual’s agency in creating their digital identity through processes of reflection, self-expression, and connection to other learners and experts.


Want to learn more, or wondering how to get started? Here are three ways to get involved with MiddCreate.

More Details

What is MiddCreate? How is it different from our hosted blog environment, sites.middlebury or sites.miis? and Why do this MiddCreate project at Middlebury?

Self Help

MiddCreate is all about agency—it's up to you to imagine what you want to do, try it out, and learn from it. Here are some helpful how-to documents covering general information about how to set up and manage your domain, what you can do on your cPanel dashboard, and some of the applications you can install.

Get Started

MiddCreate is more than just a space on the web. It's a place to practice digital fluency, create a digital presence, and have more agency and control over the tools you use on the web. What are you waiting for?

Go deeper...

More—A round-up of all things MiddCreate

Blog posts, announcements, events, and reflections


screenshot of scene from Estrellita animated film
Behind the Scenes with the Digital Media & Pedagogy team: Daniel Houghton
Each month, this series will feature an interview with a member of the Digital Pedagogy and Media team. Broadly, our team has expertise in instructional design and pedagogy, multimedia production, 
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close up of purple crocuses
What’s new in the Inclusive Design Studio?
Happy June! It’s been a while since our last post, as we navigated the end of the spring semester and headed into the summer. Here’s a brief roundup of what 
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Transcript for MIIS Students Reflect on Inclusive Design Audio File
Woman 1 I don’t know much about inclusive design. However I believe that every city should be designed inclusively. Ah for example I think that a lot of the infrastructure 
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the word hello spraypainted in bright orange on a sidewalk with a pair of black shoes standing next to it
Who We Are
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zen pile of smooth black rocks
Mission Statement
The Inclusive Design Studio at DLINQ is grounded in an ethic of care, an orientation toward equity, and a commitment to inclusive design practices. We seek to work in community 
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books piled up with sticky notes
Readings and Resources
These are some of the readings and resources we’re finding to be helpful to our understanding of inclusive design. Know of a resource that we should add to the list? 
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brick wall with graffiti that says Together We Create
Inclusive Design Studio Projects
Made for Whom? Critically Examining the Design Logic of Everyday Objects This exhibition, which took place in April 2019 at MIIS and at Middlebury College, invited students, faculty, and staff 
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neon sign that says open in white letters against a black background
How We Work
As a newly-forming studio, we are cognizant of the opportunity to put inclusive design practices into action in the design of the studio itself. In particular, at this early stage 
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books piled up with sticky notes
TOHCS: June Reading & Social Annotation Group
In June, July, and August 2019, we’ll be hosting online social annotation reading groups of articles related to teaching and learning online. What is online social annotation? Through social annotation 
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Event Recap: XR Expo
“XR Studio Mission: Students, faculty and staff in this studio work collaboratively on components of virtual spaces, immersive, interactive, multimedia experiences. Intra-media explorations pull apart the components, examine how they 
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