The DIRT for Aug 20-24, 2018

Attn: All Middlebury Faculty

Preparing for the Semester with Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

Written by Evelyn Helminen

As fall term approaches, DLINQ looks forward to working with you to explore and create digital learning opportunities that advance your pedagogical goals and support student learning. To help you explore the curricular technology resources available to you, and to get your course sites up and running, we’ve published a blog post that outlines some course site quick-tips and shares information about the online, self-paced materials we’ve created to make your transition into the semester go smoothly.

Read the blog post, “Preparing for the Semester with Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning,” to learn more how DLINQ can help you plan for the fall.

A Billion Ways — Blog Post about Search Engine Optimization by Evelyn Helminen

Written by Evelyn Helminen

Increase Search Engine Optimization post by Evelyn HelminenI recently received an email from a Middlebury faculty member asking for some tips on how to “make it more likely for a site to appear earlier on in search findings.” As I responded to her, I realized that this would make a good blog entry as well, so more people can learn about this sometimes confusing thing call “SEO”—or Search Engine Optimization.

In the post, I mention that there is no “magic bullet” to SEO, and there are a lot of things you can do (I approximate the number at “a billion”) to make your site more likely to be found in a search. I then outline 5 specific things you can start with. The blog post is intended to be humorous while still giving some useful information. Check it out below.

Read the full blog post by Evelyn Helminen, “A Billion Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” on her website, for the five steps and links to additional resources.

Digital Pedagogy Lab (DPL) was held July 30-August 3, 2018, in Fredericksburg, VA, at the University of Mary Washington. We had a mighty DLINQ and Middlebury contingent represented this year. Here are some of our reflections from the Lab.

3 Ideas – Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Reflections—Blog Post by Joe Antonioli

Written by Evelyn Helminen

Joe Antonioli, DLINQ’s Senior Curricular Innovation Strategist, wrote a blog post reflection on Digital Pedagogy Lab, based on his experiences in the Access, Privacy and Practice 4-day track. In the post, he starts out by talking about his expectations that he would be active on Twitter over the course of the week, but how that practice did not mesh well with the content of what they were covering, so he was more silent than usual on that front.

As this track was full of technical language, as well as complex issues, he explains,

“We started building a set of Keywords and Concepts to help build a common language and shared understanding while talking about some very heavy topics (with puppy and kitten videos inserted for emotional relief).”

He spends the remainder of his post focusing on three things he took away from his track that “shape my thinking when talking about the Internet.”

Those three things are:

  1. The Internet is a way to see information that is on someone else’s computer.
  2. If I can see information that is on a computer, then that computer can see information that is on my computer.
  3. Services on the Internet want me to put my information on their computer so they can exchange it with other people.

His desire is that his students, and his children, think more about these three important ideas to help them think critically about their own engagement with the Internet.

Read the full blog post by Joe Antonioli, “3 Ideas – Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018 Reflections” for more details and links to additional information.


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“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”
– Janet Kilburn Phillips 

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