The DIRT for May 14-18, 2018

End of Semester Party Celebrating the DLINQ Graduate Assistants at the Middlebury Institute

Written by Evelyn Helminen

Cat memes, animated gifs, and chocolate were the themes of this year’s end-of-semester portfolio presentations by the graduate assistants in the DLINQ-West office. Every semester, we celebrate the work they’ve done and try to hold back the tears for the ones graduating and moving on to new jobs and amazing opportunities. Some of the highlights that they worked on this semester include:

We also put together a silly video from pictures and events that happened from the previous semester, and debuted the video at the celebration. The main theme stems from an exercise we did, creating “elements” for a periodic table, using our personal values as inspiration for the element we made. You can watch the video below:

Click here to see the video in another tab.

Podcasting Workshop/Scott Saul

Written by Evelyn Helminen

On May 3, the Digital Liberal Arts invited Scott Saul, Professor of English at UC-Berkeley, for a lunchtime discussion about podcasting and the digital public humanities. Several members of DLINQ attended, and then also got the chance to have a conversation with him afterwards. Scott started by giving some background about the podcast he hosts, called “Chapter & Verse.” He talked about using podcasts as sources of inspiration, and the attendees shared what podcasts they enjoyed listening to, and how some of them incorporate podcasts into class assignments, as “readings”  (or rather, “listenings”) for students. The discussion turned to what it means to “listen together” in a classroom, and also covered some specific aspects of putting a podcast together, such as the preparation needed before an interview, the amount of editing required, and where the interviewees come from.

The conversation with Scott afterwards focused on how an office such as DLINQ might create the organizational infrastructure to support similar types of projects at Middlebury. Scott said he wished he had an office like this to support him; he had to do most of the legwork himself for this project, with little prior technical know-how. So the question became, “How do we cultivate more ‘beautiful’ partnerships?”

If you have a beautiful partnership you want to suggest to DLINQ, you can do so here »

Listen to Scott’s favorite podcast episode from Chapter & Verse here »

Also learn more about Scott Saul on his website »

Study Abroad MiddCreate Contest Winners Announced!

Written by Nadani Dixon

DLINQ’s MiddCreate Study Abroad Contest, launched last summer, was created to challenge students to present their cultural, linguistic and academic integration in the form of photography, video and writing on their own MiddCreate sites. We were looking for great photos, amazing videos and engaging & reflective pieces of writing that told a story from varying students’ perspectives. We invited these students to create their own site depicting their time abroad and to use it as a place of reflection on events or special occasions spent with host family and friends. We encouraged students to be creative in the manifestation of their sites and really take ownership and liberty in their creations. We were pleased with the many submissions we received and would like to thank all the students who took part in our very first contest. This contest was open to students of Middlebury College, the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and students from institutions who will be studying at a Middlebury School Abroad in the Fall of 2017. Students who attended either a Middlebury School Abroad or an Externally Sponsored (Non-Middlebury Program) for the semester (Fall 2017) were also welcome to participate.

The winners were chosen by four judges (Evelyn Helminen, Amy Collier, Bill Mayers, and Carlos Velez) based on three categories: Viewfinder: Best Photography/Videography, Vantage Point: Best Reflective Writing and Popular Vote: Best Overall Site. Each winner will receive the new GoPro Hero5 Black. 


  1. Viewfinder: Oscar Dow
  2. Vantage Point: Emily Cipriani
  3. Best Overall: Travis Wayne Sanderson

For many, the study abroad experience is evolutionary in their personal and academic development. It goes beyond the ‘tourist experience’ and involves an understanding of the country, culture, norms and people. We are happy that these students decided to share their experience with not only us but other students who may study abroad next Fall.

DLINQ is excited for students to begin forming their digital identity and encourage all participants to continue using their MiddCreate sites. For the students who wish to have their own sites, start here!

Dig Deeper:

You may write me down in history, with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt but still like dust, I’ll rise. 

– Maya Angelou

Photo by John Westrock on Unsplash

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