The DIRT for May 7-11, 2018

Amy Collier examines digital sanctuary and annotating terms of service

Last week, Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning, published a blog post on “Digital Sanctuary and annotating Terms of Service.” If you’ve been keeping up with the DLINQ blog, you know that there were some serious concerns about digital security and privacy at this year’s OLC Innovate conference. Amy and Adam Croom (University of Oklahoma) presented a session at the conference that specifically examined terms of service for educational platforms, and how to look at them through a critical lens. In this post, Amy discusses the challenges of engaging with digital terms of service and privacy policies, outlines strategies to advance institutions as digital sanctuaries for students, and shares the presentation from OLC Innovate. You can read the post here.

Reflections on Exploring Virtual Reality Prototype in Pedagogy

Desmond Iriaye, DLINQ Graduate Assistant and MIIS graduate student in International Policy and Development, has focused much of his last three semesters with DLINQ on Virtual Reality (VR). DLINQ has ongoing VR initiatives in both Monterey and Vermont; in Monterey, we have several different VR tools and applications, and students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in workshops, or just stop by to play around with the VR experience. The number one reaction from first-time VR users? “Amazing!”

In this post, Desmond discusses how he became interested in VR and how he researched and developed a prototype for immersive learning with VR. He takes us through how he learned to create content for VR, and the questions he had to answer to design the learning experience for his audience. He includes a video demo of the product he chose, InstaVR, and explains how to use the prototype he created in the pilot project. Read the full post on Exploring Virtual Reality Prototype in Pedagogy.

New DLINQ Resource: Migrating your website when you graduate

We’re less than a month away from graduation both at the Institute and the College! (This is the last time you’ll be hearing from me – CatherineRose – on the DLINQ blog, as I’m among the graduating students at the Institute.) In conjunction with our resource on What to do with your Middlebury accounts when you graduate, I put together a second resource on how to migrate your website when you graduate. Whether you’re currently using MiddCreate.net, sites.miis.edu, or sites.middlebury.edu, you have a few free and paid options for keeping your site once you move on from Middlebury. You can view the resource on migrating your website when you graduate here.

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Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

– John Muir

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